Worksheet for Lesson Six 第六课作业题

Worksheet for Lesson Six: 第六课作业题: 分类:信经 Creed 作者:CSI 点击数:1462 Worksheet for Lesson Six: 第六课作业题: The Athanasian Creed – Historical Background 亚大纳西信经的历史背景 Section A. A 部分 1.Why was this Creed called the Athanasian Creed? 为什么这部信经被称为亚大纳西信经? 2.What is a different name used for this same Creed, what does it mean, and why was it named this? 还有什么不同的名称被用于这部信经,这个名称的意思是什么,为什么这样命名? 3.In what way can the name “Athanasian Creed” still be used properly for this document? 从哪方面来看,“亚大纳西信经”这个名称适合于这个信经? Sections B-D. B-D 部分 1.List below 3 reasons why scholars think that Athanasius did not write this creed: 列举学者认为不是亚大纳西写了这部信经的三个理由: A. B. C. Section F. F 部分 1.Why do some scholars think that Caesarius of Arles wrote it? 为什么一些学者认为凯撒利乌斯写了这部信经? 2.Where and when was it most likely written? 这部信经最有可能于何时何地所写? Sections G-I. G-I 部分 1.List two reasons why this new creed was needed? 列举为什么需要这样一部新的信经的两个理由: A. B. Section J. J 部分 1.The Athanasian Creed eventually was accepted as an official church document: 亚大纳西信经最终作为教会正式文件被接受: A. By which king? 是通过哪位国王? B. By which church council? 是通过哪次教会会议? Section K. K 部分 1.When is the Creed used in the following denominations? 这部信经何时被用于以下教派? A.Episcopal (or Anglican) Church 圣公会教会 B.Catholic Church 天主教教会 C.Lutheran Church 路德宗教会 2.Tell why you think it is or isn’t used in the following denominations: 说明你认为为什么它被用于或未被用于以下教派: A.Baptist Church 浸信会 B.Pentecostal churches 灵恩派教会 C.Methodist Church 卫理公会 Section L. L 部分 1.Read through the Athanasian Creed and answer the following: 阅读亚大纳西信经并回答以下问题: A.In what way is its form different from that of the other 2 creeds? 从哪方面来看,它形式不同于其他两部信经? B.What doctrinal issues does it address in most detail? 它的大部分内容都是针对的哪些教义争论? C.Do you think this Creed was meant to replace or to be used along side the other two creeds?Explain your answer? 你认为这部信经是为了替代其他两部信经还是与其他两部信经共同使用?解释你的答案?