Worksheet For Lesson Four

Worksheet For Lesson Four 分类:信经 Creed 作者:CSI 点击数:2097 Worksheet for Lesson Four: 第四课作业题: Historical Background to the Nicene Creed 尼西亚信经的历史背景 Section B. B部分 1.Give 2 examples of the following types of religions: 举出以下宗教类型的两个例子: A. Monotheism: 一神论 1. 2. B. Polytheism: 多神论 1. 2. Section C. C部分 1.Where or how does the Bible indicate that: 圣经中何处以及怎样指出: A. Jesus is different from the Father 耶稣不同于圣父 B. Jesus is the same as the Father 耶稣与圣父一样 Section E. E 部分 1.In theology it is very important to define the words we use. How is that shown by Arius’ contention that “God alone is eternal and un-generated?” 在神学中,定义我们所用的词是非常重要的。这一点在与阿里乌关于“唯独上帝是永恒和不可造的”的争论中是如何体现的? Section F. F 部分 1.What are the two different meanings of “Word” and “Wisdom” according to Arius? 根据阿里乌所说的,“道”与“智慧”的两个不同含义是什么? A. B. Section H. H 部分 1.Can you sense a problem that might develop if an emperor summons church leaders to solve a doctrinal problem? 你是否意识到如果皇帝召集教会领袖解决教义问题可能会产生的问题? Section I. I 部分 1.Examine the following three diagrams: 查看以下三个图示: Father God 天父上帝Father God 天父上帝 ↓↓ Father God ↔ Son God Son 圣子Son God 上帝之子 天父上帝 上帝之子 Put the letter A above the diagram which best represents the teaching of Arius and B above the diagram which best represents the teaching of the Bible. 在最适合代表阿里乌教导的图示前写上A并且在最适合代表圣经教导的图示前写上B。 Section L. L 部分 1.Look at our English version of the Nicene Creed (Lesson 4 pg. 4). Which expression in the Second Article do you think is a translation of the Greek word homoousion? 看我们英文版的尼西亚信经(第四课第四页)。你认为第二部分中哪一句的表述是对希腊语单词homoousion的翻译? Section N. N 部分 1.In what way is the saying “Athanasius against the world” an accurate one. 从哪方面来看,说“亚大纳西与世人为敌”是一个准确的说法? 2.What comfort can we take for today from that saying? 当今我们能从这种说法中得到怎样的安慰? Section O. 1.What does homoousion mean? homoousion的意思是什么? 2.What does homoiousion mean? homoiousion的意思是什么? 3.Is there a Biblical compromise between these two words and the doctrines they represent? 在这两个词和他们所代表的教义之间是否存在符合圣经的妥协? Section Q. Q 部分 1.In what way is the title “Nicene Creed” somewhat misleading? 从哪方面来看,“尼西亚信经”这个标题带有一些误导? 2.In what way is that same title very accurate? 从哪方面来看,这个标题是非常准确的? 3.What role did each of the following play in defeating the heresy of Arius: 以下所列举的在对抗阿里乌的异端邪说上发挥了什么作用: A. Emperor Constantine 皇帝康斯坦丁 B. Athanasius 亚大纳西 C. The Council of Nicaea 尼西亚会议 D. The Council of Constantinople 君士坦丁堡会议 4.Which of the above do you think was the most important? Explain your answer. 你认为上面所列举的最重要的一个是什么?解释你的答案。