第十三课(Lesson Thirteen )

第十三课(Lesson Thirteen ) LESSON THIRTEEN 第十三课 THE CHURCH AND CHURCHES – CHRISTIAN SUPPORT GROUPS 教会和教堂—基督徒支援团 How many Christian churches are there? 有多少个基督教堂? 1 Peter 2:4-10: The only one that counts is the one with a “C”. The Holy Spirit is its recruiter. The Bible gives this exclusive group many names – “God’s family,” “God’s priests,” “God’s kings,” “God’s nation of saints,” “God’s people,” “Israel,” “Jerusalem,” and more. The Church is people that will one day call heaven their home and Jesus their brother. 彼得前书2:4-10: 最重要的是那些以“C”开头的。圣灵是它的招募者。圣经给这个特别的团体很多称呼—神的家庭,神的牧师,神的国,神众圣徒之国,神的子民,以色列人,耶路撒冷,等等。教会是那些某一天把天堂称为他们的家,把耶稣称为弟兄的人群。 We call it HOLY because each member believes God has stolen our sins and replaced them with a spandex Jesus costume. 我们称之为神圣的,是因为每一个成员相信,神已经抹去了我们的罪,并为我们披上了基督的外衣。 We call it CHRISTIAN because it’s all about what Jesus did for us. 我们称之为基督徒是因为全是围绕耶稣为我们所做了的事。 We call it a CHURCH because each group member depends on Jesus. 我们称之为教堂是因为每个团体成员信靠耶稣。 How do you get to be part of this church? 你如何成为教会的一员? Romans 10:13-17: Normally, people submit applications to churches. The Holy Christian Church is different. The Holy Spirit selects and recruits you, or you don’t get in. He’s the one responsible when a person has a change of heart and depends on Jesus. The Holy Spirit’s recruitment tool is the news about what Jesus did in our place. The Holy Spirit uses God’s Word as an invisible access point. He also uses a visible tool, which is the Sacraments. 罗马书10:13-17: 通常,人们向教会提交申请,圣而公之教会是不同的。圣灵拣选,招募你,否则你没办法加入。圣灵负责使人心灵改变,信靠基督。圣灵的招募工具是传播耶稣为我们所做的。圣灵用神的话语作为无形的切入点。圣灵也用有形的工具,即圣礼。 How do we know who is part of the Holy Christian Church? 我们如何知道谁是圣而公之教会的成员? 1 Samuel 16:7: We cannot tell for sure who is in God’s family of believers. Only God knows who ends up depending on Jesus. 撒母耳记上 16:7 : 我们不能确定谁是神的信徒大家庭的一员。只有神知道谁最后信靠基督。 Since the Holy Christian Church is the only one that counts, why are there so many other churches and church bodies? 既然圣而公之教会是唯一正确的、真正的教会,为何还有很多其他教会和教会团体? Matthew 28:20: Jesus never intended this. He wants what He taught to be the deciding factor. Instead, people have let their own logical biases decide. New churches form when people refuse to let Jesus have the final say. 马太福音28:20: 耶稣从没打算是这样。耶稣想让他的教导成为决定的因素。但是,人们让自己的逻辑偏见做决定。当人们拒绝让耶稣决定时,新教会就产生了。 Romans 16:17-18 God wants us to stand up for the truth without hating those who don’t. We confront and protest by refusing support. 罗马书 16:17-18 神想让我们拥护真理,而同时不去恨那些没有拥护真理的人。我们通过拒绝支持(他们的观点)来对抗和抗议。 THERE ARE SO MANY CHURCHES BECAUSE PEOPLE BUY INTO COUNTERFEIT TRUTH THAT IS AN INSULT TO BIBLE TRUTH. 有很多教会,是因为人们相信假的东西,这些假的东西是对圣经真理的侮辱。 WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO TAKE PEOPLE AT THEIR WORD. PEOPLE SHOW WHERE THEY STAND BY THE CHURCH GROUP THEY SUPPORT. 我们没有选择,只能听信别人的话。人们通过他们支持的教会表明自己的立场。 COUNTERFEIT TRUTH IS POISON. IT DOES DAMAGE IN THREE WAYS: 假的道理是毒药。它在3方面有破坏性: 1. Revelation 22:18-19 It erodes the reliability of God and his Word.

  1. 启示录22:18-19 它侵蚀神的可靠性和神的话语。
  2. Matthew 7:24-27 It hurts the person who relies on counterfeit truth.
  3. 马太福音 7:24-27 伤害相信假道理的人。
  4. Jude 17-23 It sends the wrong message to society.
  5. 犹大书 17-23 向社会传播错误信息。 Can’t we do more together than we can in different church bodies? 我们团结一致做事,能否比从属于不同的教会团体做事更多呢? 1 Corinthians 1:10 Yes! But God wants unity based on all of His Word, not at the expense of it. 哥林多前书 1:10 是的,可以。但是神想让人们基于神的话团结一致,而不是损害神的话。 What are some principles from God about how to be supportive? 关于相互支援,神有没有告诉些原则? Ecclesiastes 4:9-10: Christian support is a beautiful thing. 传道书4:9-10: 基督徒的支援是个美好的事情。 Matthew 18:15-18 Real love means family interventions when someone wanders. 马太福音18:15-18 真爱的意思是,当有人迷途时,教会家庭就会介入。 John 17:17: Truth is not inaccessible. The Bible gives us God’s truth. 约翰福音 17:17 真理并非不能获得。圣经告诉我们神的真理。 Galatians 6:1: We are not better or stronger Christians than people who stray. 加拉太书书 6:1 我们并不比迷途的基督徒更好或更强。 2 Timothy 2:25-26: We can disagree without being disagreeable. 提摩太后书2:25-26: 我们可以以一种令人愉快的方式反对他人意见。 2 Thessalonians 3:14: We protest and alert people to counterfeit truth by refusing to support it. 帖撒罗尼迦后书 3:14 通过拒绝支持假道理,我们抗议、提醒人们别信假道理, Luke 15:1-2 Even when we must have separate churches, we can still be kind and friendly. 路加福音 15:1-2 即使我们必须各自属于不同的教会,我们也该彼此和善友好。 Real love means speaking up and staying away from poisonous influences. Our protest opens the door for constructive discussions about the truth. 真正的爱意味着坦率并且远离有毒的影响。我们的抗议为建设性的讨论真理敞开了大门。 “Ecu-maniacs” have the “urge to merge” at the expense of God’s truth (for example, Baptism, conversion, the Lord’s Supper, and so on) 泛基督教主义有牺牲神的真理(例如,施洗,改变信仰,圣餐,等)去追求联合的冲动。 This happens because they believe: 这种冲动源于: 1. The Bible is unclear on some things. So we should be more flexible about them. (But refer to 2 Timothy 3:14-16.)
  6. 圣经在某些方面不清楚。所以我们应该在这些地方灵活点。(但是参考提摩太后书3:14-16.)
  7. Real Christian love means that you must accept the counterfeit truth of people who disagree with Bible truth. (But refer to Titus 3:9-11.)
  8. 真正的基督之爱意味着,你必须接受那些反对圣经真理的人所持有的假道理。 This urge to merge comes at the cost of underrating Bible truth. Churches simply agree to disagree. 这种联合的欲望,以轻看圣经真理为代价。教会干脆同意有分歧。 Are the people who depend on Jesus as their Savior but belong to churches that teach wrong things going to heaven? 那些信靠基督是救主,可是从属于错误教导的教会的人,将会去天堂吗? 1 Corinthians 3:10-15: Yes, but it will be in spite of the wrong teachings they advocate. 哥林多前书3:10-15: 可以,但是他们去天堂不是由于那些他们拥护的错误的教义。 2 Timothy 4:3-4: However, rejecting Bible truth may lead to rejecting what Jesus did. 提摩太后书4:3-4: 然而,拒绝圣经真理会导致拒绝耶稣所做的。 Questions for Discussion: 讨论的问题
  9. Explain: Open-mindedness is helpful unless it affects what the Bible teaches.
  10. 解释:思想开放是好的,只要它没有破坏圣经的教义。
  11. Is there a church body that can guarantee that each of its members goes to heaven?
  12. 有没有某个教会可以保证每个成员可以去天堂吗?
  13. Is any church really “non-denominational”? 3. 有没有真正不限宗教派别的教会?
  14. What’s the difference between a church with counterfeit truth and a cult?
  15. 教导假道理的教会和有邪教崇拜的教会有什么不同?