第十四课 (Lesson Fourteen)

第十四课 (Lesson Fourteen) LESSON FOURTEEN 第十四课 CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE AND FAMILY 基督徒的婚姻和家庭 God has always wanted stability for humanity. When He first created the universe and people, He created with the intent that there would be stability. He accomplished this by creating the male and female genders and establishing the basic building block of every society, marriage and the family that springs from it. 神一直希望人们有稳定的生活。当神起初创造宇宙和人类的时候,神的意图是想让人生活稳定。神通过创造男性和女性,创建每个社会的基本组成单位,婚姻和家庭,达到这一点。 Nothing has been so misused, abused and misunderstood as the marriage and family. The destruction of family life is a consequence of sin. Let’s look at God’s plan for marriage and family, and see how God wants to help sinners have the stable lives He intended. 没有什么事情比婚姻和家庭受到如此的误用,滥用和误解。对家庭生活的破坏是因为罪。我们来看下神对婚姻和家庭的计划,看 看神如何想帮助有罪的人有神所计划的稳定的生活。 What is God’s design for marriage? 神如何设计婚姻的? Genesis 2:18-24: The creation account shows how God created men to correspond to women. He has needs that only she could meet. She has needs that only he could meet. God’s design for marriage is verse 24: 创世纪2:18-24: 创世纪的讲述展现了神如何创造了男人来与女人相应。男人的需求只有女人可以满足,反之亦然。神对婚姻的设计是24节: “That is why a man will leave his father and mother and will be united with his wife and they will become one flesh.” “因此,人要离开父母,与妻子联合,二人成为一体。” From this verse we learn the three ingredients that make a marriage valid: 从这节我们可以知道,有三个因素可以使婚姻有效:

  1. One —— and one ———–. (From the beginning God intended marriage to be heterosexual.)
  2. 一个—–和一个—–。(从起初神计划使婚姻是两性之间的,)
  3. “A man will ———- his father and mother”: God intends that both the man and the woman are of age to establish a home independent of their parents. He intends that they be free to marry (not illegally divorced, not still married to someone else). NOTE: The fourth commandment requires us to ask our parents’ blessings for the marriage.
  4. “男人将———他的父母”: 神计划让适龄的男人和女人创建独立于父母的家庭。神计划他们自由结婚(不能非法离婚,不能同时与其他人结婚) 注意:第四条诫命要求我们获得父母对婚姻的祝福。
  5. “Be united with his ————, and they will become —————. Marriage is the public promises couples make to keep their marriage vows until death separates them. COMMITMENT is the glue of marriage.
  6. “与他的———结合, 然后他们会———” 婚姻是夫妇做的公开承诺,保证遵守婚姻誓言,直到死亡将其分开。 承诺是婚姻的粘合剂 What needs does marriage address? 婚姻阐明了什么需求?
  7. Genesis 2:18-24 Mutual companionship.
  8. 创世纪 2:18-24 互相陪伴 God designed them to need each other. 神设计让他们彼此需求。 God designed them to meet each other’s need. 神设计他们互相满足对方的需求。 (1). She is soft where he is rough.女人温柔,男人刚强。 (2). She is emotional where he is logical.女人感性,男人理性。 (3). He is strong where she is weak.男人强壮,女人柔弱。 God gave us perfectly coordinated genders to meet those needs. 神使两性很好的协调来满足这些需求。
  9. Genesis 2:24c and 1 Corinthians 7:3-4: Sexual Satisfaction
  10. 创世纪 2:24c 和哥林多前书7:3-4: 性需求的满足 Marriage is a gift that God designed as the right way to satisfy our sexual needs. 婚姻是神设计的一个可以正当满足我们性需求的礼物。 Sex is giving as much as it is getting. 性既是给予,也是获得。
  11. Genesis 1:28 and Malachi 2:15: Children
  12. 创世纪 1:28 和玛拉基书 2:15 :孩子 Children are a blessing (Psalms 127 & 128) 小孩是神的祝福(诗篇 127和128章) Children are an asset (Psalms 127 & 128) 小孩是一种财富(诗篇127和128 章) Children are responsibility that God may give. 小孩是神给夫妇可能要承担的责任。 Does God allow a Christian to get a divorce? 神允许基督徒离婚吗? Malachi 2:16: God hates divorce. 玛拉基书 2:16 神恨恶离婚。 However, God allows divorce if a spouse has destroyed the essence of marriage. A marriage is not ruined unless one of the partners destroys its essence. This is important to remember, especially when a marriage is falling far short of what God intended. God allows a spouse to divorce if the other has already destroyed the essence of marriage. God doesn’t permit divorce just because the marriage is falling short of what God intended. 然而,如果夫妇破坏了婚姻的核心的东西,神允许离婚。只有夫妇的一方破坏了婚姻的核心,婚姻才会被毁掉。这很重要,需要我们记住,尤其是婚姻远远不能达到神的要求时。如果一方已经破坏了婚姻的实质,神允许离婚。如果仅仅因为婚姻不能达到神的要求,神不会允许离婚。 Matthew 19:3-9: God permits divorce if a spouse has committed ———–. 马太福音 19:3—9: 神允许离婚,如果配偶的一方已经犯了———— 1 Corinthians 7:12-16: God permits divorce if a spouse ————— the marriage. 哥林多前书 7:12—16: 神允许离婚,如果配偶的一方———–婚姻。 For a happy marriage and to help overcoming marriage troubles, God gives: 为了幸福的婚姻,并且为了帮助克服婚姻的麻烦,神给了: Ephesians 4:32 —————— is the key to a happy marriage. 以弗所书 4:32 ———–是幸福婚姻的关键。 1 Peter 4:12-19 —————— to hang in there through when times get tough. 彼得前书 4:12-19当遇到困难时期的时候,———–坚持下去。 1 Peter 5:7-11 Suffering as a Christian in a difficult marriage is no different from other Christian suffering. God promises to be with us and to give us the power and joy that comes from doing the right thing. 彼得前书5:7-11 一个基督徒在麻烦的婚姻里煎熬与作为基督徒的其他煎熬并无二致。神允诺与我们同在,给我们能力和来自于做正确的事情的喜悦。 Hebrews 10:23-25 ————————- give encouragement to support us when we are struggling. 希伯来书 10:23—25 ————-给我们鼓励,帮助我们,当我们挣扎的时候。 Ephesians 5:22-33 —————— guides you to be the right kind of role model as a husband or wife. 以弗所书 5:22-23 ————-引导你成为模范丈夫或妻子。 1 Peter 3:1-7 A. Husbands are the lead role model for Jesus’ loving service and sacrifice in the family. (verse 25) B. Wives role model Jesus’ serving and submitting example. (verse 22) 彼得前书 3:1-7 A.丈夫的角色是家庭领袖,见证基督的爱和舍命。(25节) B. 妻子的角色是见证基督的服侍和顺服。(22节) Additional comments on the roles of men and women: 男人和女人角色的其他评价:
  13. Galatians 3:26-29 Men and women enjoy equal status in their re-established relationship with God. He promotes them to identical positions in His family of believers.
  14. 加拉太书 3:26—29 男人和女人在与神重新建立的关系里,地位等同。神使他们在信徒大家庭里也地位等同。
  15. Genesis 2:7,18,22 God established the roles for men and women in a perfect world.
  16. 创世纪2:7,18,22 神在完美的世界里为男人和女人建立了角色。
  17. 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 These roles also apply as we do God’s Work in church groups. 1 Timothy 2:12,13
  18. 哥林多前书11:2-16 这些规则与我们在教会团体里为神做工一样适用。 提摩太前书2:12,13 替代文本 Jesus wants to be the head of the house. He is the invisible third member of each Christian marriage. It is a healthy marriage when He gets top priority. The closer we get to Jesus, the closer we will get to each other. 耶稣想成为房子的主人。耶稣是每个基督徒家庭里无形的第三个成员.当耶稣基督起首要地位时,婚姻就是健康的。我们离耶稣越近,我们就离彼此越近。 HOMEWORK: Read 1 Corinthians 13 (the entire chapter). Be ready to tell how you would answer a friend who said she was divorcing her husband because she didn’t love him anymore. 作业:阅读哥林多前书 13章(整个章节)。思考,当一个朋友说,她要与丈夫离婚,因为自己不再爱他了,你怎么应对。