第六课(Lesson Six)

第六课(Lesson Six) LESSON SIX 第六课 THE HOLY SPIRIT AND HIS WORK 圣灵和他的工作 Who is the Holy Spirit? 圣灵是谁? John 15:26-27 Jesus promised that after He disappeared back to heaven He would send the Holy Spirit to spread the truth about Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Triune God. Remember our last lesson? 约翰福音15:26-27 耶稣应许在复活升天后,将会派圣灵传播有关耶稣的真道。圣灵就是三位一体的神的第三个位格。还记得我们上次的课吗? What Is the Work of the Holy Spirit? 圣灵的工作是什么? Acts 1:4-9 Jesus promised His people that the Holy Spirit would make them effective at telling people about Jesus. God was ready to expose people everywhere to this information. The Holy Spirit would use the Apostles to take the lead in reaching out. 使徒行传1:4-9 耶稣向他的子民应许圣灵会使他的子民有能力传播耶稣的福音信息。神已经安排好了,使任何人都可以获得这个信息。圣灵将会用使徒带头传播福音。 Acts 2:1-41 When the Holy Spirit did come ten days later during the Jewish Pentecost holiday, He gave His people: 使徒行传2:1-41 当圣灵10天后在五旬节的时候到来时,他给予子民: l The ability to explain God’s rescue plan in a simple, clear way to a segment of Jerusalem’s population. 以一种简单、明白的方式向耶路撒冷的一部分人解释神的拯救计划的能力。 l Courage to speak up about Jesus in hostile surroundings. 在敌对的环境下公开传讲耶稣福音的勇气。 l A supernatural ability to speak in the languages of the listeners so that they could understand about Jesus. 会说听众语言的超自然能力,以便听众能明白关于耶稣的信息。 The Holy Spirit convinces people to depend on Jesus. This happens as they hear what Jesus has done for them. The Holy Spirit uses God’s Message to get into people’s heads. 当人们听到耶稣为他们做了什么时,圣灵说服人们信靠耶稣。圣灵借神的信息进入人的头脑。 THE HOLY SPIRIT’S MIRACLE WORK HELPS PEOPLE DEPEND ON JESUS. 圣灵的神奇工作帮助人们信靠基督。 Ephesians 2:1-3 It’s natural to be unresponsive to the news about our sin and Savior. 以弗所书2:1-3 当听到关于我们的罪和救赎者的消息时,人们很自然地都没有什么反应。 “Why should I have to depend on God’s charity?” 为何我应该不得不信靠神的施舍? 1 Corinthians 12:3 The Holy Spirit alone deserves the credit when I see the light. 哥林多前书12:3 当我看到光的时候,就是圣灵的功劳。 Romans 10:13-17 The Holy Spirit uses our exposure to Jesus’ message to reach and teach us. (2 Timothy 3:14-16 – Bible translation guide) 罗马书10:13-17 圣灵通过使我们了解耶稣基督的福音来接近和教导我们。(提摩太后书3:14-16 – 圣经翻译指导) THE HOLY SPIRIT USES WHAT PEOPLE HEAR, READ, OR REMEMBER FROM THE BIBLE TO BRING THEM INTO GOD’S FAMILY OF BELIEVERS. 圣灵通过使人听,阅读或记起圣经的内容,把人带到基督徒的神的大家庭。 NOTE: The Holy Spirit wants to use each member of God’s family of believers to pass on His Message. It’s a real privilege to be a partner in the Family Business! 注意:圣灵想使每个基督徒大家庭的一员可以传播信息。能够为家庭做点事确实是一种荣幸。 Ephesians 2:8-10 Once we understand we don’t have to do one thing to get right with God, the Holy Spirit makes us want to do things that say “thanks” to Him. 以弗所书2:8-10 一旦我们知道,我们不必做什么事情才能与神和好,圣灵使我们愿意做些感谢神的事情。 THE HOLY SPIRIT HELPS US LIVE PRODUCTIVE, UNSELFISH LIVES FOR GOD. 圣灵帮助我们为神过富有成效的,无私的生活。 1 Peter 1:23-2:3 The Holy Spirit uses God’s Word to get us to work together as a team on the Work of the Lord. 彼得前书1:23-2:3 圣灵借神的话语使我们能团结一致为神做工。 THE HOLY SPIRIT’S SPIRITUAL GROWTH PLAN GIVES US REASON FOR LIVING. 圣灵的灵性成长计划给我们生活的理由。 How do we know when something is really a Holy Spirit product? 我们如何知道,某件事是圣灵做工的结果? John 15:26 The Holy Spirit never contradicts His Bible messages. 约翰福音15:26 圣灵从来不与圣经信息相悖。 John 16:13-14 The Holy Spirit always keeps the focus on Jesus, not Himself. 约翰福音16:13-14 圣灵总是关注于耶稣,而不是圣灵自己。 1 John 4:1-3 The Holy Spirit insures the Bible’s reliability from misleading teachers. 约翰一书4:1-3 圣灵确保圣经能区分属神的灵和误导人的灵。 1 Corinthians 12-14 The Spirit’s gifts broaden the Work of the Lord. 哥林多前书12-14 圣灵的恩赐拓展了神的工作。 HOLY SPIRIT PRODUCTS FOCUS ON JESUS AND HELP PEOPLE GROW TO LOVE JESUS AND THE WORK HE GAVE US TO DO. 圣灵的工作专注于耶稣,帮助人们灵性成长去爱基督,去爱神给我们分配的工作。 How can I get the most out of my Bible time? 当我学习圣经的时候,如何才能收效最大? Studying the Bible is something the Holy Spirit tells us we cannot live without. The Bible opened our eyes to God and His rescue plan for humanity (2 Timothy 3:15). God uses the Bible to train us for the next step to develop into productive partners in the Family Business (2 Timothy 3:16). Here are some basics for personal Bible time. This will upgrade and improve your personal Bible study. 学习圣经是圣灵告诉我们生活里不可缺少的部分。圣经使我们认识神,以及神的救赎人类的计划,(提摩太后书 3:15)神借圣经训练我们完成第二个步骤:成长成为富有成效的大家庭事业的帮手。(提摩太后书 3:16)下面是关于自主学习圣经的基础知识,这将会提升,改善圣经自主学习。 I. Pick something to study. (There are different ways to do this: a whole Book, a Psalm, word studies, Parables) I 找些东西来学习。(有不同的方式:整本圣经,诗篇,词汇学习,圣经寓言) II. Read the section through several times. Notice any technical Bible words, repeated words and unique phrases. II 阅读几遍。注意一些专业的圣经术语,重复的用词和独特的短语。 III. Check the context. III 注意上下文的语境。 A. What clues can the verses before and after the section you are working on give you? A 你学习的这部分的前后章节给了你什么提示? B. Get a feel for the background of the book you’re in. What kind of writing is it? Which human writer did the Holy Spirit use? Are there other Bible sections just like this one? B 感受一下你学习的章节的背景知识。它是什么样的文体?圣灵使用哪位作者来写出这部分经文?有没有其他的与之相似的圣经章节? C. What’s the historical situation for people when God put this book in print? C 当神把圣经出版的时候,人们当时处于什么历史情况? IV. Figure out what this Bible section meant to the original reader. Don’t make up a meaning today that it didn’t have for original readers. Our Peoples’ Bible Commentaries are an incredible resource for helping you sort things out. IV 思考下,这部分圣经对当时的读者来说有什么意义?不要自己编造一些当时的读者没有的意义。我们的《大众圣经》注释是很好的资源,能帮助你们理清头绪。 V. Determine how the original message applies to you today. V 思考下,当时的信息如何适用于今天? A. To my personal life. A 如何适用于你的生活。 B. To my relationship with God. B 如何适用于你和神的关系。 C. To my relationship with other people. C 如何适用于处理你和他人的关系。 D. What is God telling me He wants me to change in my life? Ask God to help you live up to His standards. D 神告诉我们,神希望我们的人生哪部分要有改变?求神帮助你遵照神的标准生活。 E. How does this Bible section relate to Jesus and what He did for me? Is it Law or Gospel, predictions, predictions that have come true, etc.? E 这部分圣经章节如何与耶稣和耶稣为人类做的事关联?它是律法还是福音,或预言,已经应验的预言,或者其他的? F. Make the truths you learn from the Bible a prayer to God to help you do better. F 把你从圣经学到的真理变成祷告,求神帮助你做的更好。 G. Don’t be afraid to make notes right in your Bible. They’ll remind you of what you learned. G 在圣经里不必害怕做笔记。这些会帮助你记起学过的东西。 H. Suggested starting points: Luke, Acts, Romans, Genesis, Philippians, Psalms, Proverbs, John, 1 Peter H 建议开始学习的章节: 路加福音, 使徒行传,罗马书,创世纪,腓立比书,诗篇,箴言,约翰福音,彼得前书。 HOMEWORK: Someone says to you, “Depending on Jesus is just the first step. That’s why He gave us things to do. You have to do both steps to be right with God. Otherwise, people would depend on Jesus and then go out and live any way they want. You’d be contributing to ugly Christian living! 作业:有人对你说:“信靠基督仅仅是第一步,这就是为什么神给我们事情做,你必须同时做到以上两个步骤,才能与神和解。否则,人们一边信靠基督,一边我行我素的生活,这会导致很糟的基督徒的生活。 Read Titus 2:11-14. Put an answer together for your friend. Be ready to discuss your answer next time we get together. 阅读提多书 2:11-14。评价上述说法,下次课的时候一起讨论。