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Christian Counseling Catalog

Grace Bible Institute 恩典圣经学院

Christian Counseling, Part 1 基督徒心理辅导 第一部分

Course Description/Objective: 课程介绍/目标

Wherever we look in this world, we find people in desperate need of help. This course is the first part in a series which goal is to provide Christians with an overview of the variety of issues that people may face as they remind others of God’s redeeming love in Christ (Psalm 34:18 – The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit). Christian Counseling, Part 1 primarily focuses on cognitive/mood disorders as addressed in Scripture. Part 2 will emphasis family structure disorders. A course listing of these topics is provided elsewhere in this material.

我们观察这个世界的任何地方,都会发现人们迫切需要帮助。本课程是心理辅导系列课程的第一部分,目的是向基督徒概述当他们提醒别人神在基督里的救赎大爱时,人们可能面临的各种问题。(诗篇34:18耶 和 华 靠 近 伤 心 的 人 , 拯 救 灵 性 痛 悔 的 人)。基督徒心理辅导 ,第一部分 主要讨论圣经中如何解决认知/情绪失调 的问题。第二部分将着重于家庭结构失调的问题。大家可以参看讲义中提供的课程主题目录。

This objective of this course is to provide a resource for others in a Christian counseling ministry. It will help you to:


  • Understand and accurately assess a person’s struggle;

  • 理解并准确评估个人的争战;

  • Guide discussion and provide helpful suggestions;

  • 带领讨论并提供有效建议;

  • Remember key principles in the process of moving people from problem to resolution;

  • 记住使人的问题得以解决的过程中的关键原则;

  • Lay the foundation of God’s Word, so that proper use of law and gospel directs the counseling setting.

  • 以神的话语为根基,正确使用律法与福音来指导心理辅导方案。

The teaching format will provide a collaborative learning experience, which focuses on the following goals of touching the head, heart, and hands of the learner. Since all learning is meant to affect the intellect, emotion, and volition this will be the teaching philosophy of this course.


Each topic will generally* be divided into an outlined format as follows:


  1. Case Study – Every topic begins with an example that relates a story about people struggling with a particular issue.

    案例研究– 每个主题以叙述人在具体的事情上争战的实例开始,。

  2. Key Terms – Important definitions will be provided, so that the student will have a better understanding of the issue under discussion.

    关键词– 提供重要定义,以便学生更好地理解讨论的问题。

  3. Causes/Character – A series of statement or questions are provided to help the student understand a particular struggle. These are also used to help determine if referral to a physician or other professional is necessary.


  4. Counseling Advice– Students will learn to structure their counseling so that biblical concepts are applied in the most helpful way.

    心理辅导建议— 学生要学习制定辅导方案,以便应用圣经的观念达到最佳果效。

  5. Steps to Follow – These steps will give the student an idea of how to identify the problem and bring it to resolution in a counseling setting. 遵循步骤— 这些步骤将使学生知道如何分辨问题并找到心理辅导的解决方案。

  6. Light on the Path – Bible passages and brief commentary will aid the student in learning how to place a counseling session into a biblical framework, so the power of the Holy Spirit offers true, spiritual direction.

    路上的灯— 圣经经文和简洁评论将有助于学生学习怎样将心理辅导置于圣经的框架中,因此籍着圣灵的力量给以真正的,灵性的指导。

  7. Some Mindful Questions – these are questions that a counselor may ask as part of an in-take interview or simply as a Christian friend talking with another friend about a struggle. These are meant to be “open” and “closed” questions so as to expose the student to information-gathering questions, which encourage further, deeper discussion about the situation.


  8. Now, It’s Your Turn – Students are given an opportunity to apply the principles discussed in each lesson to the case studies that are provided. This allows the student to gain practical experience as well as to apply collaborative learning in the class setting.

    实例练习— 给学生机会应用每课案例学习中讨论的原则。这使学生获得实际经验,并在课堂里应用协作学习的方法。

*Please note that not every lesson will follow this outline exactly.


A list of topics discussed in Christian Counseling, Part 1:


羡慕/ 嫉妒
悲痛/ 损失

Expectations and Outcomes: 期望和结果:

Instructor Responsibilities:


This will be an 8 – week course. Each session is to be 90-minutes. During this course, the instructor will work with the students (through a translator, as necessary). The instructor will be prepared to teach each session in the time allowed. The instructor will give a final assessment at the end this course.


Teaching Materials:


Provided in the class notes and also as handouts by the instructor, if needed.


Course Length:


The course will generally take between 12-14 hours of instruction time to complete.


Rubrics for Credit:


For satisfactory completion of the course, the student will:


  • Be in attendance for at least 75% of the instruction periods

  • 至少75%的课堂出席率。

  • Actively participate in class discussion.

  • 积极参加课堂讨论。

  • Review all notes and prepare all assignments in preparation for each lesson.

  • 做好每课复习和预习工作。

  • Complete any assessments and/or tests given by the instructor.

  • 完成教师布置的作业/测试。

*All Scripture references are taken from the New International Version, 2011


Christian-Counseling-Part 1
基督徒心理辅导 大纲
Christian Counseling Catalog
第一课 上瘾
lesson 1 Addictions
第二课 抑郁症
lesson 2 Depression
第三课 焦虑
lesson 3 Anxiety
第四课 妒忌和羡慕
lesson 4 Jealousy and Envy
第五课 生气的解决方案
lesson 5 Anger Resolution
第六课 愧疚和羞耻
lesson 6 Guilt and Shame
第七课 悲痛和损失
lesson 7 Grief and Loss
第八课 自尊
lesson 8 Self Esteem
基督徒心理辅导 大纲
Christian Counseling Catalog