Sample Topical Lesson (Abortion)

Introduction: What are some arguments people give why abortion should be allowed by the government? 引言:人们对于政府为什么应该允许堕胎的问题有何争论?

Theme: What About Abortion? 主题:堕胎会怎样?

  1. Why does God create life?


    Background: In Psalm 139:16, the writer talks about how God’s eyes saw his unformed body and had already determined how long his life would be.

    背景: 诗篇139:16,作者讲到神的眼早已看见他未成形的体质,早已决定他的寿命。

    Key Verse: Look at 1 Timothy 2:4. God’s will is that all people come to know Jesus as their Savior. Explain what this fact has to do with abortion.

    关键经句: 参看提摩太前书2:4.神的旨意是要所有人认识耶稣为他们的救主。请解释这个事实和堕胎有什么关系。

    Application: Evaluate: since the matter of salvation is involved when we talk about abortion, our synod’s congregations should publicly oppose abortion and work to pass laws to make it illegal.


    Illustration: Passing laws against drunkenness, adultery, etc., doesn’t stop people from doing these things. Laws are not the real answer. People’s hearts need to be changed. So it is with abortion.

    说明: 制定法律反对醉酒、奸淫等等并不能阻止人们做这些事情。法律不是真正的办法。人们的心需要改变。堕胎的问题也是如此。

    1a. Answer: God creates life so that people can live with him eternally in heaven.


  2. What does God say about the fetus in the womb?


    Background: In Jer. 1:5, God tells Jeremiah that he formed him in the womb, knew him and set him apart as a prophet to the nations. In Ps. 139:13, God is pictured as knitting the writer’s inner organs together in him. In Lk. 1:41, Luke says John jumped in his mother’s womb when he heard Mary’s greeting!

    背景: 耶利米书1:5 ,神告诉耶利米他将耶利米造在腹中,晓得他,并将他分别为圣做列国的先知。在诗139:13,神被描述成作者肺腑的缔造者。路1:41,路加说约翰听见玛利亚问安时,在母腹中跳跃!

    Key Verse: Read Exod. 21:22-24. Show how these verses tell us that God considered the fetus in a mother’s womb to be a human being.

    关键经句: 读出埃及记21:22-24.指出这些经文怎样告诉我们神将母腹中的胎儿作为人看待。

    Application: Some who call themselves Christians defend abortion by saying that since Scripture nowhere expressly forbids abortion, this issue remains an open question. How would you answer this argument?

    应用: 有些自称为基督徒的人为堕胎辩护,认为既然圣经中没有一处明确地反对堕胎,这个问题就是个未决问题。你怎样回答这个意见?

    Illustration: Scripture doesn’t expressly forbid killing with a gun either.

    说明: 圣经也没有明确地禁止用枪杀人。

    2a. Answer: God says that the fetus in the womb is a human being.

    答案: 神说腹中的胎儿就是人。

  3. What does God say about who should decide when a human life should end?


    Background: In Php. 1:21-24, Paul says he is torn between going to be with Christ or remaining here in the body which is more necessary for his followers.

    背景: 在腓1:21-24,保罗说他在两难之间:离世与耶稣同在和在肉身活着,后者对信徒来说更是要紧。

    Key Verse: Show how Acts 17:25-27 indicates in several ways that a human being’s life is something we are not to tinker with in any way.

    关键经文: 说明使徒行传17:25-27怎样以几种方式指出人的性命不是我们能以任何方式修整的。

    Application: What’s wrong here? Many doctors agree that a fetus is not a human being until it can live independently of its mother’s womb. This is a scientific fact that must be considered in determining when an abortion is a sin.

    应用: 问题出在哪里?很多医生认为一个胎儿直到它能不依赖于母腹生存才是一个人。当决定堕胎是罪的时候,这是个必须考虑的科学事实。

    Illustration: In the name of science, many people say that homosexuality is just an alternative lifestyle, that the world came in to being as the result of evolution, ect.

    说明: 以科学的名义,许多人认为同性恋只是另一种生活方式,世界的形成是进化论的结果。

    3a. Answer: God says that only he is to decide when a human life should end.

    答案: 神说只有他能决定人的生命何时结束。

Summary: Let’s have somebody summarize for us the answer God gives in his Word to the question: What about abortion?

总结: 让我们请某个同学为我们总结神怎样用他的话语来回答这个问题:堕胎会怎样?

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