Lesson 9 – Jesus’ Post-Easter Appearances

Getting Started: The Lord Jesus was alive. He proved his victory over sin and death by appearing to the women on their way back from the tomb, to Mary, to Peter, to the two disciples on the way to Emmaus, and to the group of disciples in the locked room, which excluded Thomas. More testimony needed to be given. Encouraging words needed to be spoken to Thomas and to Peter, and the church learns valuable lessons through these conversations. An assignment needed to be given to his followers, as well as a promise of power that would enable them to carry it out. More appearances of Jesus followed Resurrection Day during the 40 days until he ascended into heaven. Some of the most important things ever stated by Jesus are said during these post-Easter appearances.

开始:主耶稣仍活着。 在妇女们从坟墓回来的路上,他向她们显现,也向马利亚、彼得,还有去马忤斯路上的两个门徒, 以及一组在紧锁的房间里的门徒(多马不在内)显现。籍着这些显现,耶稣证明了他战胜了罪恶与死亡。更多的见证还需要给出来。多马与彼得很需要鼓励的话语,教会从耶稣与他们的对话中学习到很多有价值的功课。他需要给他的追随者们一个使命,以及 给他们完成使命的能力。耶稣在复活之后升天之前的40天有更多的显现。耶稣所讲叙过的非常重要的事情有一些是在复活之后说出来的。

A. Jesus Appears to His Disciples With Thomas —— John 20:26-31 ; Mark 16:14 耶稣向他的门徒以及多马显现 —— 《约》20:26-31;《可》16:14

1. Peace be with you was the Greek equivalent of the common Hebrew greeting, Shalom! Considering the context, can you see more meaning in this phrase than a mere greeting?

“愿你们平安”在希腊文里面相当于希伯来文中常用的问候,“平安!”根据当时的处境, 你能从这短语中看到比问候更多的内容吗?

2. Compare verse 27 with verse 25. What was Jesus doing in saying these words? Can we expect the Lord to do the same for us?


3. Was Jesus finding fault with Thomas by saying these things? Why or why not?


4. Why is verse 28 such an important verse?


5. What lessons do we learn for our faith in this conversation?


6. What added insight do we gain from the Mark passage?


7. How does John’s “first conclusion” state the purpose of his gospel? What does this tell us about the purpose of Bible study and worship?


B. Jesus Appears to His Disciples at the Sea of Galilee —— John 21:1-25 耶稣在加利利的海边向他的门徒显现 ——《约翰福音》21:1-25

The seaside breakfast -(Verses 1-14)

海边的早餐-( 1-14节)

8. What event is Peter reminded of by Jesus’ words in verse 6 and by what followed? (See Luke 5.)


9. What do we learn about Peter in verses 7-11?


10. What would have been going through your mind if you had been one of the disciples sitting on shore having this meal with Jesus?


Jesus reinstates Peter - (Verses 15-19)

耶稣重新坚固彼得 - ( 15-19节)

11. How is each of Jesus’ three questions of Peter different from the others? (We will compare various translations to the Greek text.) Why does Jesus question Peter three times?


12. What is Jesus asking Peter to do after each one of his answers? How does this command become a continuing assignment to Christ’s church?


13. What is verse 18 a description of?


14. What is so important about the words, Follow me?


Jesus’ words about John - ( Verses 20-25)

耶稣对约翰的话语 - (20-25节)

15. Note the two ways in which the author John describes himself in verse 20.

注意作为作者的约翰在20节以哪两种方式表明他自己 。

16. What important message was there for Peter in Jesus’ words about John? What important message is there for us in these words?


17. What are the two ways of explaining we know in verse 24? Put the message of this verse into different words.

解释24节 里“我们也知道”的两种方式是什么? 用不同的词句来表达这句话的意思 。

18. What is the message to the reader in verse 25?


C. The Great Commission and Jesus’ Ascension Matthew 28:16-20 Mark 16:15-20 ; Luke 24:44-53 大使命与耶稣的升天《马太福音》28:16-20 《马可福音》16:15-20 ; 《路加福音》24:44-53

19. Which authors describe the ascension and which one does not? Where (geographically) are the words of “the Great Commission” spoken?

哪些作者描述耶稣的升天而哪些没有?”大使命” 是在哪里颁布的?

20. Note the similarities in all three authors’ descriptions of “the Great Commission.” How would you state it in your own words? (Include as many of their thoughts as you can.)


21. What message is there for the church today in the words of Mark 16:17-18?


22. Compare Mark’s statement about the ascension’s purpose to Paul’s words in Ephesians 1:19-23.


  1. Luke’s description of the ascension shows us the Lord’s action and the church’s continuing activity. Relate that action and activity to the believer’s relationship with the resurrected and ascended Christ today. 《路加福音》对升天的描述向我们表明主的行动以及教会一直所做的活动。请将主的行动以及教会一直所做的活动与今天信徒和复活升天基督之间的关系联系起来。