第二章 大纲

Titus 2 Outline

A. Titus 2 Outline 提多书第二章大纲

  1. Paul directs Titus to instruct various groups of people to live godly lives in accord with the sound doctrine of God: (verse 1-10) 保罗指导提多要教导众人过成圣的生活,要符合上帝的教导:(多2:1-10)

a. Older men (verse 2) 老人(多2:2) b. Older women (verses 3-4a) 老年妇人 (多2:3-4上) c. Younger women (verses 4b-5) 年轻妇人(多2:4下-5) d. Younger men (verse 6) 少年人 (多2:6) e. Titus (verses 7-8) 提多(多2:7-8) f. Slaves (verses 9-10) 奴隶(多2:9-10)

  1. Paul declares that God’s salvation-bringing grace in the redeeming and returning Lord Jesus Christ teaches believers to live godly lives. (verses 11-14) 保罗宣告藉着主耶稣基督的赎罪与上帝的和好,上帝的救赎之恩教导信仰者要过成圣的生活。 (多2:11-14)

  2. Paul reminds Titus to teach these truths diligently (verse 15) 保罗提醒提多要勤奋的将这些真理教导他人(多2:15)

B. Titus 2 Translation 提多书第二章翻译

  1. But you, speak the things that are in accord with sound doctrine. 2) the older men to be sober (avoiding substances that impair judgment), honorable (worthy of respect), sensible (having sound judgment), sound in faith, in love and in patience. 1 但你所讲的、总要合乎那纯正的道理。2 劝老年人、要有节制(镇定)、端庄、自守、在信心爱心忍耐上、都要纯全无疵。

  2. In the same way, the older women to be reverent (God-honoring) in their behavior, not slanderers (malicious gossips), nor addicted to alcohol (enslaved to much wine), but teaching what is good 4) so that they may teach the younger women to love their husbands, to love their children, 5) sensible (having sound judgment), pure, to be home makers (workers at home), kind, and to be under the authority of (be submissive to) their husbands so that the Word of God will not be dishonored (spoken of in an evil way). 3 又劝老年妇人、举止行动要恭敬、不说谗言、不给酒作奴仆、用善道教训人。4 好指教少年妇人、爱丈夫、爱儿女、5 谨守、(道德上)贞洁、料理家务、待人有恩、顺服自己的丈夫、免得 神的道理被毁谤。

  3. In a similar way, encourage the young men to be sensible (having sound judgment). In all things, show yourself to be an example of good works. In teaching, integrity (genuineness), seriousness (dignity), 8) and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned (blamed) so that the one who opposes you may be ashamed (rebuked) because he does not have anything wicked (evil) to say about us. 9) slaves to be obedient (to submit) to their own masters in all things, to be pleasing , not to talk back to (in opposition to) them, 10) not to steal, but to show (prove) themselves to be entirely trustworthy and good so that they will make the teaching of God our Savior attractive (beautiful). 6 又劝少年人要谨守。 7 你自己凡事要显出善行的榜样、在教训上要正直、端庄、8 言语纯全、无可指责、叫那反对的人、既无处可说我们的不是、便自觉羞愧。9 劝仆人要顺服自己的主人、凡事讨他的喜欢。不可顶撞他。10 不可私拿东西。要显为忠诚、以致凡事尊荣我们救主 神的道。

  4. For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared for all people. 12) It teaches us to reject ungodliness and worldly, forbidden desires (lusts) and that we seek (strive) to be sensible (have sound judgment), righteous (morally upright), and godly (pious) in this present age, 13) while we look for (wait for) the blessed firm assurance (hope) and the revelation of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. 14) He gave Himself for us so that He might redeem (ransom) us from all lawless deeds (violations of the law) and to cleanse (purify) for Himself a people who are His very own, enthusiastic (zealous) to do good works. 15) Speak these things. Encourage and rebuke with all authority. Do not let anyone despise you. 11 因为 神救众人的恩典、已经显明出来、12 教训我们除去不敬虔的心、和世俗的情欲、在今世自守、公义、敬虔度日。13 等候所盼望的福、并等候至大的 神、和(或作无和字)我们救主耶稣基督的荣耀显现。14 他为我们珊笏自己、要赎我们脱离一切罪恶、又洁净我们、特作自己的子民、热心为善。 15 这些事你要讲明、劝戒人、用各等权柄责备人。不可叫人轻看你。

C. Titus 2 Questions 提多书第二章讨论题

  1. What must be the basis for instructing people in sanctified Christian living? (v. 1) 什么是必须教导基督徒过成圣的生活的基础?(多2:1)

  2. What things is Titus to teach to the older men? (v. 2) 提多要对老年人的劝勉是什么?(多2:2)

  3. What are some of the important spiritual lessons and blessings that mature Christian men can bring to others? 成熟的基督徒能给他人带来什么样的属灵功课与祝福?

  4. What things is Titus to teach to the older women? (vs. 3-4a) 提多要对老年妇人的劝勉是什么?(多2:3-4上)

  5. Why is it both wise and necessary for older Christian women to teach the younger married women about family life? 为什么说基督徒老年妇人对已婚年轻妇人家庭生活的劝勉是明智的和必要的?

  6. Suggest several ways in which a Christian congregation can provide helpful training for Christian family life. 提出一些关于基督徒会众能帮助栽培基督徒的家庭生活的建议。

  7. What things are the younger Christian women to learn? (vs. 4b-5) 基督徒少年妇人要学些什么?(多2:4下-5)

  8. Agree or Disagree? Wholesome Christian homes are the best witness a church can make to the people in its community. (Explain your answer) 同意或者不同意?对教会所在社区里的人们而言,教会能做的最好见证就是健康的基督徒家庭。(解释一下你的答案)

  9. What is Titus to teach the younger men? (v. 6) 提多要怎样教导少年人?(多2:6)

  10. The Greek word “sophronos” (verses 2, 5 and 6) that is translated as “sensible” or “self-controlled” refers to “a strength of mind that knows how to avoid folly and vice, that stays away from excess, that keeps all desire, all activity and all thought in its proper place. It speaks about a sane and ordered reason that makes for virtue, not mere emotion.” How valuable is such a quality in a person’s life? 希腊文的“sophronos”(多2:2,5,6)一词,翻译为“谨守”或者“节制”是指,“一种坚强的心志,知道怎样避免愚蠢和恶习,不做过分的事情,控制自己的欲望、行为、所思所想都在一个合适的位置。这是说一个人不凭感情用事,而是自己的德行有完全的合理的理由”一个人的生活中具有这样的品格有什么样的价值?

  11. How is Titus to conduct himself? (vs. 7-8) 提多本人当怎样行?(多2:7-8)

  12. What things is Titus to teach the believing slaves? (vs. 9-10) 提多对有信仰的奴隶要教导些什么?(多2:9-10)

  13. What does Paul emphasize as the great, important reasons why believers are to live godly lives in verses 5, 8 and 10? 在多2:5,8,10中,保罗重点强调信仰者要过成圣的生活的理由是什么?

  14. Agree or Disagree? According to God’s way of thinking, the more difficult and challenging our life on earth is, the greater is our opportunity to witness to His saving love and power. (Explain your answer) 同意或者不同意?遵照上帝的想法/思路,我们在地上的生活越是困难和具有挑战性,我们就越有机会见证神的拯救的大能和大爱。(解释一些你的答案)

  15. In what way has God’s grace brought salvation for all people? (v. 11) 上帝的恩典是以什么样的方式给所有的人带来拯救的?(多2:11)

  16. What vital life lessons does God’s grace in Jesus Christ teach us? (v. 12) 在耶稣基督里的上帝的恩典教导我们什么重要的功课?(多2:12)

  17. Comment on this statement: “The grace of God that saves us also sanctifies us. It rescues us and teaches us to live as people who are thankful for the rescue. Grace also will not allow us to be either happy or helpless in sin any more.” 评论这样的叙述:“上帝的恩典拯救我们、也使我们成圣。这恩典救赎我们、教导我们存感恩的心活出救恩的样式。恩典也不会再使我们在犯罪时感到快乐或者无能为力了。

  18. What do God’s people also do while they live grace-empowered lives? (v. 13) 当上帝的子民活在恩典当中时, 他们也要做什么?(多2:13)

  19. What does v. 14 tell us about Christ’s concern for us and His plans for us? 提多书2:14告诉我们基督担心我们什么?以及基督在我们身上的计划?

  20. What do you personally think about that concern and plan? 你个人思考基督对我们的担心和计划是什么?

  21. What are Paul’s closing instructions to Titus in this chapter? (v. 15) 保罗在这一章对提多的结束劝勉是什么?(多2:15)

  22. Why are these instructions important for every called worker in the church to follow? 为什么这些重要的劝勉是每一个受呼召的工人要听从的?