第五课 神藉着在耶稣里的信心施行救赎,两个旧约的例子


Romans 4:1 – 15

罗马书4:1 – 15


Review Scripture and be prepared to talk about how Jesus life, death and resurrection resulted in God declaring everybody not guilty before him.


ROMANS 4:1 – 8 罗马书 4:1 – 8

Paul previously said that the Old Testament, the law and the prophets (3:21) testified that we are acquitted before God through faith. Now he gives two examples. Abraham, the father of the nation and David, the great king of the nation are used to emphasize the point.


In the case of Abraham Paul says he had nothing to brag about before God. If he had done even just a small part to earn his acquittal, he would have something to brag about. That isn’t how Abraham was cleared of all wrong doing before God. In the context of Genesis 15, God told Abraham a child would come from his own body and a nation so numerous would follow that they would be like the stars in the sky. Previously God had promised that the Savior would come from his family line (Gen. 12:3). Abraham simply believed what God said. Paul quotes word for word the passage from Gen. 15:6. The word translated “credited” (vs 3) is used frequently in business transactions. It involves putting something on a person’s account as a credit. Notice God put it on Abraham’s account, Abraham didn’t put it on his account. God put on Abraham’s account, “acquitted, cleared of all sin, not guilty”. What did Abraham do? Nothing – he just believed what God said to him.

保罗说亚伯拉罕在神面前没有任何可以自夸的,如果他哪怕是作出一点点功绩来赢得无罪的话,他就有所自夸的了。但这并不是亚伯拉罕在神面前得以称义的方法。在创世记15章中,神告诉亚伯拉罕说一个孩子将要从他而出,将要成为一个大国,并且国民要好像天上的星一样多。之前神曾应许救主将要从他的家中降生(创12:3) 。亚伯拉罕单单相信神的话。保罗一字一句的引用创世记15章6节的话,第三节中翻译为"算为"的字在希腊文里常在商业交易中使用。这个字的含有加在某人的账户上作为信用额度的意思。注意是神加在亚伯拉罕的账户上,亚伯拉罕没有加在自己的账户上。神给亚伯拉罕的账户里加上"无罪,清除所有的罪行,不算为有罪"亚伯拉罕做了什么呢?什么也没有——他只是单单相信神告诉他的话。

There are two ways to get a credit on your account. One can work for it or it can be given. God acquitted the non-worker (vs 5). It was a gift given to the one who trusts God. Notice it describes God as the one “who justifies the wicked.” It doesn’t say the believer but the wicked. We are all wicked before God by nature aren’t we? The wicked, the entire mass of humanity, were acquitted, declared not guilty. The one who believes God’s statement receives that forgiveness


David provides the same lesson. This is a quote from Psalm 32:1-2. David starts with a generalization and then in the following verses explains how he tried to hide his sin, but then confessed it and the forgiveness God was proclaimed to him. In the quote David is simply saying how happy a person is who knows their transgressions and sins are forgiven. He speaks of “transgressions” – many lawless acts a person has done in their life. He speaks of “sins” – many failures to fall short of what God demands. God forgave, covered them. Any sin in the future, God will not count against them. All of this happens simply through faith in God’s word of acquittal. Both are held up as examples of Old Testament believers, none more prominent that Abraham and David, who were declared not guilty before God simply through faith.

大卫也证明了同样的教训。这里引用了诗篇32:1-2节的经文。大卫先以一句话概括然后在接下来的经文里解释他曾如何尝试隐藏自己的罪,藉着承认自己的罪之后得着神赐给他的赦免之恩。在引用的经文里,大卫只是告诉我们一个人得知自己的罪过得以被赦免将会多么的喜乐。他提到 “赦免其过” ——“过” 是指人在生命中所有不合法的行为。他也提到 “遮盖其罪” —— “罪” 是因指不能达到神的要求所产生的失败。神赦免遮盖了这一切。所有将犯的罪神也不算在他头上。这些能够实现都是靠着相信神宣告无罪的话语。这些作为旧约信徒的例子,著名的亚伯拉罕和大卫,都是藉着信心在神面前被宣告无罪。


1. How are wages and a gift different and how does that apply to our spiritual life?


2. What does Scripture teach about how Abraham became righteous before God?


3. How does Paul stress that righteousness is a pure gift from God? Vs 5


4. What is the difference in meaning of the words transgressions and sins? Vs 7


5. How do vs 7-8 support the truth that God credits righteousness apart from works?


ROMANS 4:9 – 12 罗马书 4:9 – 12

Paul made the point that Abraham and David were both cleared of all wrongdoing before God simply through faith in the Messiah. Since both of them were Jews, he wants to be sure that a wrong impression isn’t given. He refers to Abraham. He was credited with being acquitted of all wrongdoing long before he was ever circumcised. Circumcision came nearly 20 years later. Circumcision was a sign, a seal, that in an outward way reminded Abraham that he was credited with forgiveness earlier in time. Circumcision was a sign that identified a person as belonging to God’s family through faith. Abraham was an uncircumcised believer and thus is a spiritual father of all uncircumcised believers. Abraham was also a circumcised believer and thus a spiritual father of all circumcised believers. All who believe as Abraham believed God’s Word are spiritual children of Abraham. Every believer can claim Abraham as a spiritual father.



6. Why is it important to see that Abraham was acquitted of all sin before he was circumcised?


7. How can Abraham bear the name “father of all who believe – whether circumcised or not?


8. What makes you a child of Abraham?


ROMANS 4:13-15 罗马书 4:13-15

Abraham wasn’t declared not guilty because of circumcision (9-12) nor was it because of any law that he was given and kept (13-15). Paul was very methodically removing every thought which someone might have to still believe I have to obey God in order to receive his promise. Law only produces anger – some say God’s anger over disobedience, others argue man’s anger because it is an impossible demand to keep law. Either way it results in anger. A right standing before God comes only through believing what he has promised and done in Jesus (13b)




9. Why do efforts to live by the law make faith and God’s gospel promise worthless?


10. Give two examples of religious beliefs and practices that express a “live by law” teaching and mindset. 14


[Preparing for next week’s class 预备下周的课程]{.ul}

  1. Read Romans 4:16 – 25

阅读罗马书 4:16 – 25

  1. Read Romans – the People’s Bible Pages 74-78

阅读罗马书 — 大众圣经读本 74-78页

  1. Read Romans 4:16 – 25 a second time but this time out loud.

再次阅读罗马书4:16 – 25 并朗读。

Would you say that an Old Testament person got to be innocent before God and thus got to heaven in the same way or a different way from a New Testament believer?