Lesson 5 Romans 13:1-14 Called To Respect Authority And To Love

VII. Practicing God’s Received Righteousness (Romans 12-16)

  1. Believers Respond To God’s Grace By Using Their Gifts and Opportunities (12:1-21)

  2. Believers Respect Authority And Pay The Debt Of Love (13:1-14)


  1. Why does the Christian owe obedience and loyalty to his government? (verses 1-2)

  2. According to verses 3-4, what role(s) has God assigned to government?

  3. In verse 4, Paul spoke of the government “bearing the sword.” In what ways does the government “bear the sword” today?

  4. Under what conditions does a government have God’s approval to use its power to go to war against others?

  5. List two blessings that you enjoy through your government.

  6. What are the two motivations Paul stated for a Christian to obey his government in verse 5?

  7. Which of the two motivations you identified in question 6 is more important for a Christian to follow? (Explain your answer)

  8. What specific responsibilities does a citizen have toward his government according to verses 6-7?

  9. Martin Luther said that Christians live in two kingdoms. The “kingdom of God’s right hand” is God’s rule through His grace in Jesus Christ and His Word in the Christian Church. The ”kingdom of God’s left hand” is God’s rule through the authority exercised by the government and other organizations in the world. What are some of the differences in being a citizen of these two kingdoms?

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When it ends
  1. In what sense is love a “debt we owe” to God and other people? (verse 8)

  2. Agree or Disagree? The debt to love others is one we can eventually pay off. (Explain your answer)

  3. What are some opportunities you have had to love other people in this past week?

  4. What special reason for showing self-giving love to others did Paul mention in verse 11?

  5. What spiritual contrasts do the terms “day and light” and “night and darkness” express? (verse 12)

  6. What is the “armor of light” that God wants His believers to put on? (verse 12)

  7. How do the 6 sins called the “deeds of darkness” in verse 13 contradict God’s command to love others?

  8. What two directives for living life did God give His Christians in verse 14?

  9. In commenting on the closing verses of Romans 13, someone wrote: “As Christians we are to live our lives both with purpose and on purpose.” What did this person mean by this statement?