A. God’s “Two Great Truths”

“Run and work the Law commands,

But gives me neither feet, nor hands.

A sweeter sound the Gospel brings.

It bids me fly and gives me wings.”

In this short poem, Ernest Reisinger gives us an intriguing introduction to the two great teachings of the Bible, the Law and the Gospel. He lets us know that these doctrines are very different in the messages they send and in the purposes they accomplish. In this course, you will study these two sacred teachings of the Bible carefully so that you can be well acquainted with them and their proper use. God uses these two grand truths to work great changes in people and to bring salvation and many other wonderful blessings to them.

The Law and Gospel are the two extremely important, absolutely essential teachings for all Christians to know and to learn to use well. May God, the Master Teacher of His Word, help you master these transforming truths. May He grant that you understand them thoroughly, believe them personally, celebrate them thankfully and proclaim them faithfully in your service to Him for the eternal and spiritual welfare of others.