Christian Worship

An Introduction to Biblical Worship 简介圣经的敬拜 分类:基督徒敬拜 Christian Worship 作者:Dr. Glen L. Thompson 点击数:1979 Dr. Glen Thompson 替代文本 Christian Studies Institute Edited by JB and JE Last edit 4/4/2012 CONTENTS

  1. What is worship? 什么是敬拜?
  2. Worship is both a personal and group activity 敬拜是个人和集体的属灵生活
  3. In worship we give ourselves to God, but more ————————importantly God gives his Word and Sacraments to us. 在敬拜中我们将自己献给上帝,————————更重要的是籍着道和圣礼上帝将恩典赐给我们。
  4. The God of heaven is with us everywhere,————————but in a special way in group worship. 天父上帝无处不与我们同在,————————集体敬拜是上帝与我们同在的一种特殊方式。
  5. Worship can be spontaneous, but planned ————————structured worship has advantages. 敬拜可以是自发的,而有准备的————————敬拜有很多益处
  6. God is pleased with our humble worship, but worship is ————————a gift to God and therefore should be the best we can offer. 上帝喜悦我们谦卑的敬拜,但是敬拜也是————————我们献给上帝的礼物, 因此我们应当献上最好的。
  7. Worship is a universal experience but should ————————reflect a Christian’s culture. 敬拜是普世性的经验,但应该————————反映基督徒的文化
  8. When we worship we fellowship with God ————————and fellowship with other Christians 敬拜是我们与上帝之间的交通,————————也是基督徒之间的团契 Appendix 1: Brief overview and explanation ————————of the main liturgies in Christian Worship Appendix 2: The Church Year Appendix 3: Colors and their Meaning Appendix 4: Symbols and Art Appendix 5: The Pastor: His Clothing and Actions
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